Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How do I Prepare for a Photo Shoot with you?



How can I see more of your work?

  • If you have checked out the portfolio page ( ) and want to see more of our work then check out our Facebook page at the following link: (also: MM# 3004646)



I am a Model (or I Would Like To Be One), Can You Help?

  • If you are a model (or would like to be one) then click on the following link for help and more information:



How do I Download One or More Images in a Gallery/Collection?



  • you can download individual photos directly onto your phone, just get to the actual photo you want to download and click the down arrow at top right of your cell phone screen and the option will be to download


  1. When the gallery/collection of the images you would like to download are displayed then click on the "Select Photos" link at the top right of the page
  2. Click on each of the images you wish to download
  3. If you wish to select all of the images in the gallery/collection then click on the Select "All" link on the top left of the page. If you would rather select individual files then just click on the image to select or deselect the image
  4. When you have selected all the images you would like to download then click on the "Download" link at the top right of page. If the "Download" link is not displayed then you download the images by purchasing the images as downloads (See "Purchase/Purchasing Prints?" section on this page) 
  5. The images will be placed in a zip file and you will be asked where to save the zipped image file. Make a note where you save it so you can later retrieve it. 



How do I select and share my favourite Images with someone else?

Selecting and sharing my favorites (link - opens new tab)

How do I share a photo on Facebook?

When the gallery of photos are displayed 

  1. Find the photo you want to share
  2. Click on that photo so that only that photo is showing
  3. Click on the ”Share” button up on the top right of the website
  4. A Share Photo window will appear
  5. If the Facebook logo is not showing then click on “Share via...” so that the logo will display
  6. Click on the “Facebook” logo  (“Share via”)
  7. If you are not already logged onto Facebook then it will produce a window for you to log in to Facebook
  8. Photo should be displayed in a ”Share on Facebook” window
  9. Click on the “Share Link” button



What Types of Payments do you Accept?

  • Credit card and PayPal are accepted as payments through this website. For other options please contact us directly (see Contact Page).

What is Group Funding?

  • It is a way for people to order all of the displayed images from an event without having to pay the full amount required for each of the images individually from the event. By purchasing as a group, then the customer is pooling their money together in order to buy the images in bulk. 



What do the image sizes (resolutions) actually look like on my device and recommended print sizes?

  • Image size varies depending on what device you are viewing it on. In order to see how big the image will look on your device, wiew this web page on your device.:

Sample Image Screen Size


Sample image size: 400 x 600Sample image size: 400 x 600
Sample image size: 800 x 1200Sample image size: 800 x 1200



What is a Group Funded Purchase?

  • It is a way for people to order all of the displayed images in a digital format from an event without having to pay the full amount required for each of the digital images individually. By purchasing as a group, the customers pool their money together in order to bulk purchase all the displayed event's digital image files

How many have to purchase it?

  • The number of people required to purchase varies per event but in general there will be a minimum number of orders by the deadline that are required for the bulk images to be made available. See the item's details for the requirements.

When will the purchase be processed?

  • The purchase will not be processed until the deadline. The item will only be processed if there are at least the minimum number of purchases. If there are less than the minimum number of orders by the deadline for the group funding then the item will be cancelled and not charged to the customer.

What happens if there are not enough ordered by the deadline?

  • If the number of orders are under the minimum number of purchases required by the deadline then the item will be cancelled and removed from the customer's order. The customer will not be charged for the item and of course this also means that the digital files will not be made available either.

What will I receive after the deadline?

  • Once the deadline arrives and the minimum number of purchases have occurred then all the displayed images will be available for digital download. The customer will be notified as such. The digital resolution of the images will be dictated by the number of orders. See the item's details for more information on the varied resolutions available.

Who will get access to the downloads?

  • Customers who purchased the group purchase item will receive access to the digital download of all of the displayed images of the event.

Can I purchase more than one of the item if we are close to the minimum order and deadline?

  • Yes. If customers would like to make sure that the bulk download is available and are worried that there are not enough orders to meet the minimums by the deadline, the customer can purchase more than one to increase the number of orders.




How do the image resolution look on the screen and what is their recommended print size?


How can I use the images, licensing?

  • Purchasing this item will license you for your personal use only. See the item's licensing when purchasing for details. A separate purchase of a license is required for anything other than personal use. For example, this license does include use for business websites, sales, etc.


Can the package shoot be with more than 1 person so I can share the cost?

  • Yes. If you want to shoot in the same package session (i.e. same package) to share costs. If you share a package and book our make up and hair artist then there will be a per person charge for the booked Makeup and Hair Artist. The number of images, etc. are limited to the package purchased and not adjusted for the number the number of people.


Can I do my own makeup and hair done before I arrive for my shoot?

  • Yes, of course. We generally recommend having a makeup and hair artist at your shoot which to keep your makeup and hair looking their best at your shoot because your makeup and hair will most likely need touch ups during your shoot. If you apply your own makeup then you need to apply more makeup than you would normally would because photography lighting which can end up reducing the visibility of the makeup by up to 30%. This is why we recommend a makeup artist who will know which colours and effects will work and not work.


Can I bring my own makeup and hair artist?

  • Yes, of course. Keeping in mind that your the quality of your makeup and hair will impact the image results. We recommend having a makeup and hair artist at your shoot which will help keep your makeup and hair looking their best for your shoot. Also, preferably a makeup specialist familiar with studio work since flash work requires different application.


Do you supply the outfits and clothing?

  • You are expected to bring your own outfits and accessories.


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