We have worked with a range of models from new to modeling to very experienced models and we are always looking for new models to help with our portfolio.

If you are (or would like to be) a model then email to [email protected] with a description of yourself (personality, stats, etc.), several photos of yourself and what types of experience you have in modeling and stating what types of modelling/images you are interested in. Please identify what type(s) of compensation you would prefer. Examples of compensation: Your time in exchange for photos (TF shoot), your rates, etc..


Time in Exchange for Images (TF) shoots


From time to time we will accept models for TF shoots if we feel that it would benefit both parties. You can send an email to [email protected] with a few photos attached with your measurements. A response will be returned regarding a shoot with potentially a free or discounted shoot.

Generally TF shoots will include one full resolution image of your choice per each wardrobe/makeup/hair change during the shoot up to a maximum total of four high resolution images. You will receive the chosen images as high resolution digital downloads which will include basic editing and a watermark at the bottom side of the image. Basic editing is considered image adjustments in exposure, colour,  cropping and minor cosmetic changes to the image (example: removal of blemishes). Basic editing does not include composites of multiple images together into one image. Additional images can be purchased for $25 per image. Charges for additional requested editing vary per image and are on a per image basis. A signed model release is required ( www.SpecialPhotos.ca/release.pdf ).

I usually recommend a minimum of 4 hours set aside for total shoot time. Warning: models that I have shot with love their images (which they see as we shoot) and want to continue shooting. On average, total times are usually around 8 or more hours because the model wish to keep shooting. This time is as a guideline and not a requirement (your choice). Total time usually includes time for you to do your hair/makeup, shoot time, and to review and rate the images after.

If you are not planning on doing your own hair and makeup then it is your responsibility for your own Makeup/Hair (at your own cost). If you do not have a makeup artist (MUA) / Hair Stylist, let me know and I might be able to recommend some that might be willing to do it on a TF basis.

Reviewing and selecting your favourites can either be done live after the shoot or if time runs out then you will have the option to review the proofs securely on-line (on-line will be centre watermarked "PROOF"). Once you have made your choices (as per described above), the final choice images will have a watermark generally on the bottom side. If requested, any purchased images can have their watermark removed. Sample of a final watermarked (may not be exactly as shown):

Sample WatermarkedSample Watermarked

The studio is setup in a residential condo and has a 50" screen which displays the images live (as they are being taken) so you know immediately how the images look and what you are getting.



Makeup/Hair Station


Pose Ideas: Click here for pose ideas

Selecting and Sharing your Favourite Concept/Inspiration Images with the photographer

When the gallery of photos are displayed 

  1. Click on the top right "Select Photos" 
  2. Click on each photo that you like (it will highlight around them an orange box) 
  3. Click on the top right "Add to Favourites" 
  4. Repeat the above for each of the galleries you would like to add in
  5. Once you have all your favourites in your collection then click on the very top left where it says Favourites "Selected for Purchase" (ignore the word purchase) 
  6. Click on the set you want to send and share 
  7. Click on the "Send to" on the top left 
  8. If you want to send it to the photographer then, on the "Send to Photographer" tab, type in information and click "Share". 



Special Photo's Model Release: MODEL RELEASE


Once I (model) am told the finals gallery is available, how do I Download One or More of the FINAL Images from my TF Shoot?

  1. When the FINAL gallery/collection of the images you would like to download are displayed then click on the "Select Photos" link at the top right of the page

  2. Click on each of the images you wish to download

  3. If you wish to select all of the images in the gallery/collection then click on the Select "All" link on the top left of the page. If you would rather select individual files then just click on the image to select or deselect the image

  4. When you have selected all the images you would like to download then click on the "Download" link at the top right of page.

  5. The images will be placed in a zip file and you will be asked where to save the zipped image file. Make a note where you save it so you can later retrieve it.