How to Pose For Intimate/Erotic Photos


Don't be afraid to experiment with different poses and be prepared for a variety! The benefit of having some ideas already in mind is that it'll keep the momentum of the photo shoot moving; having someone else take your picture is especially helpful as they can direct you into different positions (based on what's working and what isn't) and suggest alternatives.

If you have a body part or feature that you want to emphasize, work your staging and your shots around it. For instance, drape silk scarves, lace or transparent material to either draw or detract emphasis; use props like feathers, fans, fancy umbrellas, crops or ropes as a way to direct the eye toward a particular area.

You can practice poses in the mirror to see which ones you like best.

Depending on the person, sometimes refraining from sex before a shoot can result in being hungry for it and can translate well (as sexual) on the camera. Only you know yourself, as to if this will help or not.


Here are some ideas to try…


If you've got beautiful hair, a gorgeous back, or a great butt, get plenty of shots standing or sitting with your back to the camera. Then:

1. Raise your arms over your head and gently drape them over your head.

2. Create extra drama by wearing long gloves or fishnet arm stockings.

3. Take it notch further by tying or handcuffing your hands behind you.

4. With your arms crossed, look back as far as you can and vary where your gaze ends.


When the chest, face or stomach is the focus, take pictures:

1. Standing up or leaning against a wall.

2. Lying on your back. Get some snap shots from directly above or slightly at an angle; the photographer should also try standing close to your head and pointing the camera toward the direction of your feet.

3. Lying on your side, facing toward and away from the camera.

4. Lying on your tummy, propped up on your elbows close to the edge of the bench/coffee table. These make for great cleavage shots.


When you want to emphasize legs:

1. Wear dark fishnet stockings and or a garter belt for contrast to the skin.

2. Wear high heels. Dark ones will look dramatic while those close to flesh color will lengthen the legs even further.

3. Lie on the floor with your legs up against the wall; outstretched arms up the ante.

4. Pose sitting with your legs crossed.

5. Play around with shots of you sitting on a chair with legs spread far apart.

Vary your facial expression and take pictures with eyes open, closed and/or looking in another direction.

Try keep your eyes closed before a shot then open them as the picture is about to be taken. Not only will your gaze look more natural, you avoid having to maintain expression for too long, which ends up looking forced and lifeless.